Monday, 14 March 2016

Retro Rekall's 1st Birthday

I'm very proud to announce that Retro Rekall, my first serious attempt at any kind of blog, has turned one today. Special thanks to my wife who puts up with my geeky nerd side and my 3 year old son who makes me want to share the nostalgia of my youth and already enjoys playing retro games.

To celebrate I've decided to upload a few pics which briefly review what's been blogged over the last year. Thanks to everyone who has ever checked out the Retro Rekall blog, Facebook group, Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram and Retro Rekall's little sister pictures only blog My CAVE 33. If you haven't here are the links.

My CAVE 33 Picture Blog
Retro Rekall Facebook Group
Retro Rekall Facebook Page
Retro Rekall on Twitter
Retro Rekall on Instagram

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