Sunday, 13 November 2016

Retro Game Pixel Art vs Real World Mashup

Many months ago I found a picture on the internet that I thought was really cool. It mixed video game pixel graphics with a real world photograph. After further research I discovered it wasn't a one-off but rather a series of pictures under the title of  Real Bits by a fella called Victor Sauron.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, his pics inspired me so much that I decided to have a bash myself, even though I know next to nothing about Photoshop, because I noticed there was a distinct lack of ZX Spectrum games being used. I had to rectify this as best as I could. My efforts are no where near as good as Victor's, I'm not an artist by any stretch, there's no shadows, proper depth or fancy 3D or blur effects going on, but I'm still quite proud of what I've knocked up and whenever I get the chance I'll be doing more. It's just so great to see your favourite retro games brought into the real world. Hence the title I like to give them from a very famous video game movie.....

"Meanwhile... In the real world"


Manic Miner

Horace Goes Skiing

Sabre Wulf

Scuba Dive

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Eighties Video Game Ads + Reaching 10,000 Hits :)

Haven't posted anything in about 5 months. To be honest I've been a bit lazy and also busy with Retro Rekall's Facebook Page and another great group on Facebook, Retro Games Forever. But thought I'd better post up something to celebrate 10,000 hits on my little old blog. So here it is, Eighties Video Game Ads.

I used to love the ads for video games when I was a kid. Some of the artwork they used was out of this world and raised the anticipation levels even higher for new games being released. Here are a few of my favourites from the pages of computer and video game magazines of the eighties. The time of the 8-bits. I hope they help you recall some wonderful memories like they have for me :)

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Name The Game - ZX Spectrum Part Three

Yet another ZX Spectrum Screenshot Quiz, the third to be exact. There are 20 more screenshots of games I played back in the day, some quite famous and some not so much, so about as difficult as previous quiz I reckon.

So let's see how you do. Either give your answers in the comments here or on the Retro Rekall Page or the Retro Rekall Group. Don't worry, if you need adding I'll sort it. I'm going to post up just the screenshots too on Facebook if that makes answering easier. So once again, best of luck :)

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Cybercon III - My Faourite Amiga 500 Game

Cybercon III, U.S. Gold Ltd (1991)

A gem of a game in my opinion, nine video game magazines giving review scores between 86 and 93 percent agreed with me, but a few others disagreed saying it was too complicated and too slow.

But I found the speed suited the plot and after a bit of practice those so called complicated controls became second nature and that's when it really drew me in.

I'd turn off the lights and become immersed in a strange new world of shaded polygons that represented my Power Armours (PA) view of the many geographical features within the Cybercon III defence complex.