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Marvel Stickers (1974-75)

Packaging that I don't remember

From Topps chewing gum in the mid seventies. I must have been around six years old and I still have quite vivid memories of this particular collection of stickers. I remember the whole sheet was a sticker but you could peel off the marvel character seperately from it's familiar black background surround. This meant the sticker was the actual shape of the character. Very cool.

Ghost Rider & The Thing

I remember the taste of the chewing gum and that brings further memories but I really don't remember the packaging at all. I also don't remember any kind of album being available to put the stickers in. They just ended up on doors, books and fridges. They made a mess but it was a fun mess.

Valkyrie & Sub-Mariner

I loved to collect them anyway even without an album. The pictures shown are of some of my favourite and more memorable stickers that I used to have stuck on my bedroom door. Ghost Rider, The Thing, Valkyrie, Sub-Mariner, Black widow, Mr Fantastic, Spiderman, Medusa, Captain America and Human Torch.

Black Widow & Mr Fantastic

I do remember the Fantastic Four puzzle cards that I was sometimes lucky to get in a sticker pack and the ridiculously huge amount of satisfaction I felt once I managed to collect all nine cards.

Fantastic Four Puzzle Cards

A bit of research tells me there were initially around 40 stickers in the first set, the ones I remember, and another 40 odd in a second set the following year. I don't remember the latter at all.

Spider-Man & Medusa

It seems like once I tried to collect all of the first set, and failed, i got bored of marvels stickers and, as usual for that age, quickly moved onto something else, Probably collecting stamps or key rings as I vaguely remember.

Captain America & The Human Torch

Anyway, for fellow nerds out there here is a list of all the initial stickers, which were also shown on the checklist cards, along with their questionable corny captions.

Comic Book Heroes Checklist

The Falcon - You Bet Your Bird!
The Thing-1 - It's Clobberin' Time!
Frankenstein's Monster - Maybe It's My Breath!
Shang-Li, Kung Fu - All Aspirin Is Not Alike!
Dr. Strange - Darn Those House Calls!
Dracula - 1 Sure Doesn't Taste Like Tomato Juice!
Human Torch - 1 Tan....Don't Burn!
Daredevil - Badness Makes Me Red!
Iron Man - Fight Rust!
Werewolf - Only My Hairdresser Knows For Sure!
Thor-1 - Support Your Local Thunder-God!
Sub-Mariner - Don't Pollute My Waters!
Hawkeye - Annie Oakley I Ain't!
Captain Marvel - Fly the friendly skies of United!
Captain Marvel [alternate title] - Which way to the John?
Ghost Rider - Peter Fonda Look Out!
The Living Mummy - Which Hand Has The M&M's?
Morbius, Living Vampire - Which Way To The Blood Bank?
Ka-Zar - Be Kind To Animals...Or Else!
Spider-Man-1 - Who'd You Expect? Little Miss Muffet?
Captain America-1 - I'm A Yankee Doodle Dandy!
Conan - Trick Or Treat!
Kull - These Pants Don't Fit!
Dr. Doom - I'm Dressed To Kill!
The Son of Satan - The Devil Made Me Do It!
SpiderMan-2 - You drive me up a wall!
SpiderMan-2 [alternate title] - Bug off!
Dracula-2 - Flying Drives Me Bats!
Human Torch-2 - When You're Hot, You're Hot!
Thor-2 - Who Said Blondes Have More Fun?
Hulk-1 - Who Stole My Right Guard?
The Thing-2 - I'm Going To Pieces!
Captain America-2 - Look, Ma, No Cavities
Dr. Octopus - I'm Just A Well Armed Crook!
The Valkyrie - Support Women's Lib!
Mr. Fantastic - I'm The Long Arm Of The Law!
Medusa - Darn That Cheap Hairspray!
Black Widow - I'm Natasha Fly Me To Miami!
Iron Fist - Kung Fooey
Man-Thing - I Dropped The Soap In The Shower!
Hulk-2 - Green Power!
Luke Cage - I Was A 98lb. Weakling!

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